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Join the Chicago Cat Clinic at Everyday Edgebrook’s
4th Annual Art + Wine Walk

Hang out with the Cool Cats and Artists of the Chicago Cat Clinic at Everyday Edgebrook’s 4th Annual Art + Wine Walk on October 7th from 2pm-5pm.

Participants may purchase tickets in advance online at or at Local Goods Chicago (5422 W Devon Ave).  Ticket prices are One Adult $25; Two Adults $40.

Check in at Associated Bank (6355 N Central Ave) to begin the Art + Wine Walk.  At check-in, the participant will receive a small wine tasting glass and a map to view work of various artists at storefronts around Edgebrook.

Proceeds benefit Everyday Edgebrook programs like the farmers market and other community events. Everyday Edgebrook is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization comprised of both business owners and community members that is focused on improving and enhancing the Edgebrook business district.

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The Chicago Cat Clinic will feature art by Chicago Artists and Cat Lovers:  Roz Anomaly; Kittens of Industry; Lucky Eye Ink; Larry Law; M&R’s Curiosity Emporium.  A portion of all the Artist’s art sales will be donated to Grassroots Animal Rescue.

Grassroots will host a Meet & Greet during the event at the Clinic of adoptable kittens and cats currently in their foster program.  They will also be selling crafts such as Cat-Ear Headbands and Cat Toys.

Grassroots Animal Rescue is a small group of dedicated animal lovers, based in the Chicago-area, who are committed to providing high-quality care to rescued cats. Their focus is on educating the public and potential adopters on all aspects of cat care, including wellness, nutrition, and cat behavior. For more information, visit

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month. Are you prepared? Remember that now, before a natural disaster like a flood or tornado strikes our area, you should already have a plan in place of what you would do with your pets.  Where would you take them?  Recent...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

One of the easiest ways to catch problems early and keep your pet healthy is by doing a simple blood panel. A blood panel is a quick and easy way to check for things like anemia, infections, and a host of other problems that may not seem obvious. Ask us about a blood...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

Imagine not seeing a doctor for seven years! That’s what happens if your pet doesn’t see the doctor for just one year. Because our pets age so much faster than we do, it’s very important for your pet to be seen by one of our doctors at least once year. Many times...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

Have you noticed that your pets water bowl needs filled more often or that they are constantly hounding you for food? Have they experienced weight gains or loss recently? These can all be symptoms of Diabetes in your pet. Diabetes, or high blood sugar, is very common...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

You may have heard the news that one third of cats are now overweight or obese. Main causes are a lack of exercise and too much food, including portion size- which is often much too generous. Remember that we can create a customized weight loss program for your...

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What Mew at the Clinic?

Dog Days of Summer?!? Here are a few summer safety tips to keep our kitties happy and healthy. First, never leave your pet in the car, even for a few minutes. Always provide unlimited access to clean, fresh water, keep your pet well-groomed and trimmed, ask us about...

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