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Everyday Edgebrook’s
Scavenger Hunt
February 10th
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Pick up your list of clues at: 

My Sister’s Closet
5413 W Devon Ave. or
Local Goods Chicago

5422 W Devon Ave.

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What’s Mew At The Clinic?

We’d like to help you keep your kitty safe and happy this holiday season, so here are a few things to keep in mind:  First, keep mistletoe, ivy, and holly berries out of your pets’ reach as all can be poisonous to your cat.  Also remember that Cats love to chew on...

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Rescue Spotlight:  Felines & Canines

Felines & Canines is dedicated to providing a safe and loving shelter to abandoned, injured, abused and neglected animals until their permanent adoptive home is found. This 501(c)(3), no-kill animal shelter,  strives to strengthen the human/animal relationship...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

October 22-28 we’re proud to celebrate National Veterinary Technician and Assistant Week!  All of us at Chicago Cat Clinicwould like you to know about the many contributions our veterinary technicians and assistants make every day.  From assisting patients and their...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

Imagine not seeing a doctor for five years!  That’s what happens if your kitty doesn’t see the doctor for just one year.  Because our pets age so much faster than we do, it’s very important for your pet to be seen by one of our doctors at least once year.  Many times...

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What’s Mew at the Clinic?

If you’re noticing bad breath when you’re around your cat, we’d like you to make sure you tell us about it!  Bad breath is not normal and is the number one symptom of dental disease in dogs and cats.  Other symptoms of Dental Disease may include yellow or brown...

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Chicago Cat Clinic shared American Association of Feline Practitioners's photo. ...

Taking care of your cat’s teeth can keep your cat healthy, and ward off dental pain and disease.

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The struggle is real! ...

These are struggles EVERY cat owner will understand. 😹

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