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Discovering that your feline has cancer can be emotionally devastating but it does not necessarily have to be a hopeless time. If detected early, some cancers can be effectively treated so that your feline can go on living a full life. At Chicago Cat Clinic, we are dedicated to providing the best possible cancer care and treatment for your feline during your time of need.

Your feline’s health and quality of life are extremely important to us, and we will care for your companion as if he or she were our own. Our team of licensed veterinarians have devoted their entire professional careers to caring for felines. Contact us today for more information.

Support Your Cat’s Overall Health

A Progressive Approach to Wellness:

Compassionate Team

We know that it can be extremely hard to find out that your feline has cancer, but we want you to know there is hope! Our devoted and loving team of licensed veterinary professionals are here to comfort and guide you during this time.

Small, Feline-Only Clinic
Our calm, quiet, feline-only hospital means less stress and anxiety for your loved one as he or she undergoes any examinations, surgeries or treatments relating to cancer care. Our expert staff is dedicated to providing top-notch care.
Prevention & Early Detection
Feline illnesses such as mammary cancer and lymphoma are greatly reduced in cats that have been spayed and properly vaccinated. We also recommend regularly evaluating your cat for any lumps, sores or other warning signs of sickness.
Diagnosis & Treatment
It is important to put together a specific plan of action based on your feline’s prognosis as well as your own wishes. Some feline cancers are treatable if caught early as cats tend to respond well to chemotherapy and radiation.


What to Expect

Understanding Your Feline’s Illness

Cancer is the main disease that threatens senior cats. Multiple factors must be considered when it comes to developing a treatment plan. Depending on the location, stage and specific diagnosis, surgery may be required followed by chemotherapy or radiation. Traditional feline cancer treatment options include:


  • Oral Medication
  • Intravenous Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Surgical Reduction Or Removal Of The Tumor
  • Ancillary Pain Management

We Are Often Asked:

What Cancers Commonly Affect Felines?
Cats are prone to many types of cancer such as: lymphoma, oral and mammary. Mammary cancer is less of a threat if your feline is spayed and lymphoma is less likely if your feline has been vaccinated for Feline Leukemia Virus. Mouth cancer involves sores stemming from the lining of the oral cavity that do not heal.
What Are the Warning Signs?
Cats show signs of sickness in many ways. External lumps and bumps, open sores that will not heal, vomiting and diarrhea, difficulty breathing, rapid weight loss or gain and a rough, thinning coat can all be signs of feline cancer or another illness. Take your feline to the vet if you ever notice any of these warning signs.
What Happens If My Cat Has Mammary Cancer?
Check your feline monthly for lumps or bumps along the nipple lines. If you ever feel anything unusual, get your feline examined right away. If your feline has tumors that are confirmed malignant, both “chains” will most likely need to be removed in a two-part surgery followed by chemotherapy.

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