Cancer Care

Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment for Your Cat


Unfortunately, we see a persistent number of cats that develop breast tumors. The biggest risk factor for this diseases is the age when she was spayed. If lumps form along the nipple lines (there are 8 nipples in most cats) they should be evaluated immediately. Some tests will be done to try to determine what the tumors are. If they are confirmed to be malignant, or if we are unable to confirm this, then a mastectomy will likely be recommended. If malignant, ideally both chains are removed in two staged surgeries and then followed up by chemotherapy to give us the best chance to control or cure. So please, remember to have your cats spayed and neutered before they are 6 months of age to minimize the threat of breast tumors, uterine diseases, and behavioral issues.

Chemotherapy/Cancer Care:

Cancer is one of the main causes of disease especially in our geriatric cat population. Treatment depends first on a specific diagnosis so we can best determine what surgery, radiation or chemotherapy might be indicated. In consultation with one of our veterinarians, you can decide the best step forward for a cancer patient. It is important to put together a plan of care based on the specific cancer diagnosis, the health status of the patient, the desires of the caretakers and the prognosis for the patient.

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