I have worked at the Cat Clinic since July of 1990. Kind of surprisingly, I had never even had a cat when I started working at the Cat Clinic. I had grown up with dogs and chickens and goats, but no cats. I developed an interest in working with cats while I was in veterinary school as I learned about their unique ways and interesting diseases. I did my undergraduate work in Chicago and was looking to move back after veterinary school in Minnesota. There happened to be an opening at the Chicago Cat Clinic. I thought it would be interesting to focus on cats for a year or so and then move back into general dog and cat practice. After three months, I had my first kitten, Douglas, and then six months later, I had my second kitten, Daniel – and I was hooked. They taught me a lot about not only the nature and care of the cat, but also about the incredible bond that develops between a cat and his or her human companion. So, that year or so of cat experience has expanded to a lifetime of working with our little feline friends.

As much fun as I have with the cats, to be honest, most of them are not too excited to see me at the clinic. What is most rewarding to me are the friendships and relationships with the caretakers of the cats which I have been fortunate to develop over so many years. Seeing patients from their kittenhood through adulthood and seeing the joy that they bring to their humans is very rewarding. New beginnings are so fun and exciting and endings filled with sorrow, of course, but also with much gratitude for what cats bring to our lives. It truly is a privilege to assist in such a relationship. I have seen so many people give selflessly of time and effort to take care of their dear cats. Some folks who have given subcutaneous fluids for years or insulin injections twice daily for a decade and more.

I have been really fortunate to have worked with many amazing team members at the Cat Clinic. Most things that our human doctors do such as drawing blood, getting xrays, getting to the clinic, etc, is much more difficult when working with cats. It takes a team of dedicated people who respect and love the patients and enjoy interacting with the caretakers of the feline friends.

Something that surprises me about cats is how many problems they have with their teeth. Dental cleanings, and often dental extractions, are a very common part of our work at the Cat Clinic. It is very rewarding when we can take a painful and diseased mouth and help our patient feel so much better with appropriate dental care.

In my free time I really love to travel. I have family and friendship connections with Sweden and enjoy the culture and language of my ancestors. I like to hike and boat and be outdoors. I enjoy learning about and trying different types of wine. I really enjoy the amazing restaurants of our great city of Chicago.