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Our veterinary team strongly recommends having your cat microchipped. This offers a practical way to locate your feline if they are missing from home.

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Feline microchipping is a permanent form of identification for your cat. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. The microchip contains a unique ID number that can be read by a scanner. If your cat is lost, a shelter or veterinary clinic can scan the microchip and contact you to reunite you with your pet. Feline microchipping is a quick and relatively painless procedure that could save your cat’s life.

At Chicago Cat Clinic, we offer feline microchipping services. We use only the highest quality microchips and our experienced veterinary staff will ensure that the microchip is properly injected. Schedule an appointment online for your cat today!

3 Benefits of Microchipping

Important Factors to Consider:

Quick & Easy Process

It simply takes a few seconds to implant a microchip in your cat, and the chip itself is very little. Your cat may have momentary mild discomfort after the injection, but often there are no negative side effects. Both you and your buddy will find this method to be quick and simple.

Your Own Peace Of Mind

Even if you take precautions to keep your cat inside, other people might not. Cats with microchips are significantly more likely to be located and securely returned home than those with ID tags only or no other form of identification, which can easily come off or be removed.

Permanent Identification

Your cat’s identification won’t be removed, stolen, lost, or otherwise compromised if it has a microchip. Implantation gives a lifetime answer to finding your missing or stolen loved one, despite the fact that the chip’s position may change with age.

Perks Of Using HomeAgain

Your newly microchipped cat will be registered with HomeAgain for a full year. The annual membership has a number of advantages, such as proactive outreach to neighborhood PetRescuer volunteers, 24/7 medical helpline, medical insurance for lost cats, travel support for discovered cats, and more.

What To Expect

The Process: Before, During & After

Microchipping your feline is a quick, easy, mostly pain-free process. The chip is about the size of a small grain of rice and is usually inserted under the skin between your feline’s shoulder blades. The injection takes only a few seconds and will only cause mild discomfort for your cat. We will scan and register the chip before implantation and double-check the registration and identification number after insertion.
The chip is not connected to a GPS system but it is connected to a database with your ownership information, so it is important to remember that the chip is useless if the registration is not up to date. Otherwise, this is a one-time process that lasts the cat’s lifetime!


We Are Often Asked:

Should I Microchip My Indoor Cat?

Yes! Even if you have an indoor-only cat, we all know our cats can be sneaky. Also, visitors to your home may not be as careful as you. Microchipping means permanent identification for your feline should they become lost.

What Happens After My Cat Is Chipped?
Your feline now has a permanent form of identification as long as you keep the registration up to date. If your cat becomes lost and is scanned by an animal shelter or veterinary clinic, they will be able to return your feline safely to you.
Why Should I Renew With HomeAgain?
HomeAgain offers many perks that other services do not. Benefits of the annual membership include proactive outreach to local PetRescuer volunteers, medical insurance for lost cats, travel assistance for found cats, the 24/7 medical hotline, and more.