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We know you have many choices when picking a Chicago veterinarian, and we’re thankful that you’ve chosen us and left us with your kind words.

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Chicago Cat Clinic

We appreciate your decision to join the Chicago Cat Clinic family in Chicago, IL. Your wonderful thoughts and suggestions encourage us to keep giving you and your feline friend top-notch pet service. Please use the button below to give us a five-star rating on Google if you enjoyed your visit.

Everyone here is so kind. They really go out of their way to be nice and they are very thorough when they check out a kitty. The doctors always make time to explain things to you in ways you can understand and they kindly answer any questions you might have.
Lizzy P.

Switched to Chicago Cat Clinic years ago after bad experiences with my previous long-term vet and have never looked back. They are patient and thorough and I trust the care my cats receive. They do not recommend unnecessary tests and procedures and truly want the best outcome for your cat. Being cats only makes the waiting room less stressful. It is just a different vibe than anyplace else I’ve been. Very much a community feeling from the front desk staff to the other patients in the waiting room to the doctors.
Annie M.

I love this vet clinic. They are thorough, nice and well educated. They did a lot of additional research to help me get a health certificate to move out of the country. They also are really efficient and went phased when my cat showed up covered in puke. One of the best vets I’ve visited.
Kayla C.

Dr. Larissa is incredibly patient and attentive with my elderly cat. She always offers myriad options so we can make a well-informed decision that works for kitty’s health and our budget. The staff are all very compassionate, patient, and service oriented. We appreciate Chicago Cat Clinic!
Emma M.

Wonderful Doctors & staff. Knowledgeable & caring. Have been going here for years and even now that I live 45 min drive still choose this clinic for my pets. 5 stars!
Maya C.

Great first experience here with my fearful 10 year old cat. The vets/techs at the Chicago Cat Clinic are highly competent and compassionate and we will not hesitate to bring him back here going forward. Not having the scents and sounds of dogs was so unusual and very beneficial for our cat as well. It’s all about the cats over here– what a difference from our previous clinic experiences!
Cheryl K.

Professional, compassionate, attentive and thorough. Love the vets and staff at Chicago Cat Clinic. Dr. Frye always promptly responds to my calls with questions, and at appointments patiently works through options for treating Midnight’s allergies. If I forget to check in after the appointment as requested, a member of the staff calls as a reminder. Highly recommend. The best practice that specializes in felines.

The Chicago Cat Clinic has the most knowledgeable veterinarians, the most caring technicians, and the most efficient office support staff. Take your cats to Chicago Cat Clinic. They will take care of your precious fur babies.
Rob G.

Great clinic with wonderful caring vets! Thank you Dr. Frey for looking after my cat Fafa when she was sick.
Alma R.

I was having the hardest time finding a vet who genuinely cared for the well-being of my cats and not just favoring the dog patients. I’m so glad that I was recommended to this clinic, All of the vet techs and those who answer the phone have always been so kind and understanding.
Lillian D.