Chicago Cat Clinic

What To Expect

We are excited to welcome you to the Chicago Cat Clinic for your cat’s health care! We want you to be prepared before you bring your beloved pets to visit us.

Chicago Cat Clinic

What To Expect

We are excited to welcome you to the Chicago Cat Clinic for your cat’s health care. We strongly recommend annual physical examinations and vaccinations as part of your cat’s wellness plan. Kittens should be seen monthly in their first four months of life to allow for completion of the kitten vaccination series and deworming. Once your cat reaches his or her senior and geriatric years (7+), then we recommend examinations every 6 months to monitor them more closely. Ill patients or those with chronic diseases should be seen at an interval determined by you and your veterinarian. With each and every visit your cat will be treated with the respect and compassion that he or she deserves in a quiet and calm environment.

How to schedule an appointment?

Please use our PetDesk App to schedule an appointment or call the clinic. You can download and print a New Client Form and bring it with you or fill one out by clicking here and submit it directly to us (no printer necessary). You may also fill out a New Client Form in person when you arrive for your appointment. Please always travel with your cat in a safe carrier with a soft towel as bedding. Bring any previous records and lab results you may have or call your previous veterinarian and have them email or fax them to us in advance. This will help us to gather important information on vaccination history and previous health issues. Once you are entered into our database, you will be escorted into an exam room.

Cat Safety:

For the safety of your cat and to help keep stress to a minimum, please keep him or her in the carrier until the veterinarian asks you to take them out. Once the veterinarian is in the exam room he or she will discuss your cat’s history and review any paperwork you have brought with you. Once this is complete they will have you take out the patient for the complete physical exam, weight, and temperature. Then, based on the exam and history and health status, you and the veterinarian will decide what vaccinations are necessary and if any lab work or procedures are indicated. If your cat is ill, then further diagnostics with laboratory testing or radiographs may be recommended. We will usually recommend annual blood and urine screening for the senior and geriatric patients to monitor them closely for any changes as they age.

Wellness Examinations:

Please allow 30 minutes for a wellness examination. If your cat is ill you may be at the office for 45 to 60 minutes. We want to be able to devote the time that your cat deserves, so please plan accordingly.


We offer metered street parking on Devon Ave in front of the clinic and free street parking on Spokane.