November 9th, 2020

At this time, we are asking all New Clients to place a non-refundable “New Patient Pre-Payment” of $75 to hold your appointment spot. The Pre-Payment will apply to your charges on the day of your appointment. The Pre-Payment will be forfeited if you are a “No-Show” for that appointment.


June 11th, 2020

Dear Clients and Friends – Our Wonderful Chicago Cat Clinic Family,

I hope that this finds all of you well. It has been a challenging few months for all of us in so many ways, and we hope that you, your families and your feline friends are faring as well as possible.

All of our Chicago Cat Clinic staff are safe and sound. We managed to stay open through three difficult months with very limited staffing, but are now grateful to have our full staff back in the clinic so that we are again able to provide comprehensive services for our patients. For those of you who have visited us during this time – thank you for all of your patience, kindness and encouragement.

Our priority has been to be available to help with medications, food, insulin and care for sick patients and to do so as safely as possible. We will continue to work hard to keep you, and our staff, as safe as possible.

We have increased our usual safe handling and disinfection protocols in the clinic and I wanted to review with you how we are doing things for the foreseeable future. We are working with a closed lobby, meaning no clients come into the building, and the following is the protocol to follow when picking up food or medications and for appointments:

  1. Please make sure that the inside of your carrier is clean and wipe down the exterior of the carrier with disinfectant wipes or some other disinfecting method before leaving your home.
  2. Make sure the carrier is clearly labeled with the cat’s name and owner’s last name.
  3. Make sure the carrier is in good working order and all of the doors and zippers are closed.
  4. Have a clean absorbent towel in the carrier in case of urination during transit to help keep the patient dry
  5. Do not have any other items in the carrier.
  6. When you arrive at the clinic please stay in your car and give us a call at 773-631-5300 and follow the instructions. For now, we are sending a staff member out to the car to get the carrier. Make sure the carrier is on the passenger side and that there is not a seat belt attached to the carrier so we can easily remove it from the car. Again, be wearing a mask and stay in the car.
  7. A doctor will review the record and give you a call to discuss what is going on and decide how to proceed.
  8. Please be patient – it is much more difficult for us to be efficient, but we are doing our very best!
  9. Once completed, a staff member will call you to pay the bill by credit card over the phone. We are not accepting checks or cash at this point.
  10. A staff member will then bring the carrier back out to the car. Again, please stay in your vehicle and be wearing a mask.

NOTE: if the cat is a new patient, you must go to to fill out the new client form in advance of the visit – the form will be emailed to us and we will be ready to go. Make sure it is filled out completely. This is not optional. Any other records you want us to review should also be scanned and emailed at or faxed to 773-631-6446.

We all look forward to reconnecting with you and your cats again. I am so grateful for so many years of building relationships and friendships with you as we work together to care for your feline friends.

All the best to you, stay safe and healthy.


Dr. Nordwall, Dr. Olenych, Dr. Li, Adam, Courtney, Cynthia, Jorge, Julie Ann, Kim, Pat, Rana and Roxanne