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Support Your Cat’s Overall Health

With Regular Dental Care

At Chicago Cat Clinic, we are happy to offer a complete range of dental care services for your feline. As with us humans, dental care is crucial for your feline’s overall health. Regular dental care benefits male and female cats of all ages and if left untreated, can lead to many other health issues or worsen existing problems.

Our small, quiet, feline-only clinic and kind, loving staff will have your cat feeling right at home. Our team of dedicated professionals is proud to offer high-quality, progressive care for your feline friends. Get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment to talk about your cat’s dental needs.

Caring for Your Cat’s Teeth

Important Factors to Consider:

Essential For Overall Health

Dental disease is the most common issue we see among felines visiting our clinic. Without regular dental care, cats tend to develop holes in their teeth that will grow and spread, eventually leading to serious consequences.

Damage Happens Over Time

Plaque is building in your feline’s mouth daily and accumulates over time, causing inflammation of the gums. If left untreated, the plaque will harden into tartar and will cause further damage to bones and supporting ligaments.

Feline Won’t Show Signs

Cats are notoriously good at hiding pain. As with the damage caused by hardening plaque, your feline’s pain will also worsen over time. Your cat will “learn to live with it” and suffer silently in pain without you realizing it.

Reduce Unwanted Population

At Chicago Cat Clinic, we believe in progressive care, and we also believe in prevention. We recommend annual dental exams and cleanings for your feline and are happy to make suggestions for at home care.

What to Expect

When Your Feline Needs Dental Surgery

Before a surgical appointment, your feline will undergo a complete physical examination and routine blood work for precautionary measures. When the test results come back, we will schedule an appointment.
Before surgery, your feline will be given pre-anesthesia medicine and then put under general anesthesia to avoid any pain or discomfort. While under anesthesia, a tube is placed into the feline’s trachea to protect his or her airway. IV fluids are administered for cardiovascular support and one nurse is dedicated to monitoring your feline’s vitals the entire time.


The feline’s teeth will be evaluated thoroughly by the veterinarian and scaled ultrasonically. Digital dental radiographs are then taken to determine if there are any diseased teeth that need to be removed. The remaining teeth will be polished and sealed. If surgical extraction is needed, we will administer systemic pain medication and local nerve blocks. Your feline will be sent home with pain medication to support a speedy recovery and to keep your companion comfortable.

We Are Often Asked:

Why Should I Bring My Cat In For Dental Care?

Plaque accumulates in your feline’s mouth daily, inflaming the gums and hardening into tartar. This can eventually destroy bones and ligaments that support the teeth and can ultimately lead to gum recession, abscess formation and tooth loss.

When Should I Bring My Cat In For Dental Care?
Regular dental care is beneficial for male and female cats of all ages and health conditions. We are always here to help in emergency situations but it is best to bring in your feline for annual dental exams and cleanings.
How Can I Help Prevent Dental Disease From Home?
Cats commonly develop ‘feline oral resorptive lesions’ or holes in their teeth that will grow and spread, causing various issues. Our dedicated staff is happy to guide you through ways to help keep your cat’s oral health in top shape from home.

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