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How Regular Dental Care Supports your Cat’s Long-Term Health

At the Chicago Cat Clinic, our veterinarians are honored to care for the unique and amazing cats in your life. Regular Dental check-ups for your cat are an important part of our approach to feline wellness care. Whether you have recently adopted an older cat or welcomed a new kitten into your family, Dental care is beneficial to cats of all ages. 

When should I consider a Dental Appointment for my cat?

Prevention is the key to keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Cats commonly develop holes in their teeth called feline oral resorptive lesions. These are defects in the enamel that will grow and spread into the sensitive parts of the tooth causing pain. Eventually, these resorptive lesions destroy the crown and roots of the tooth. Cats will not show signs of oral discomfort as the pain associated with dental problems comes on slowly, over time, and your cat learns to “live with it” much like humans do.  Due to the serious consequences of dental disease in cats, at the annual physical examination we will make recommendations about the need for professional dental cleaning and at home dental care.

Why should I schedule a Dental Surgical Procedure for my cat?

Dental disease is the most common health problem we see at the Chicago Cat Clinic, and dental care is a necessary and very important component of your cat’s health. Plaque is formed on the teeth daily and accumulates over time leading to inflammation of the gums. The plaque continually builds and hardens to tartar. Over time, this inflammation can spread from the gums to the bone and ligaments supporting the teeth, leading to bone loss, gum recession, and ultimately, tooth loss or abscess formation. The bacteria in the mouth can travel through the bloodstream to the heart and kidneys contributing to other problems.


What happens during the Dental Surgical Procedure?

The patient will be examined and their chart will be reviewed by the veterinarian.  They will then be given a pre-anesthesia medication.  Once this has taken effect, he or she will be induced and put under general anesthesia.  While under anesthesia, the patient will have a tube placed in the trachea to protect the airway.  While under anesthesia, the patient is on IV fluids for cardiovascular support and, at our clinic, has a veterinary nurse dedicated to monitoring his/her vitals. The teeth will be scaled ultrasonically, evaluated thoroughly by the veterinarian, digital dental radiographs will be taken, diseased teeth will be removed as needed and then the remaining teeth will be polished and sealed.  If surgical extraction of diseased teeth is indicated, we will give systemic medication for pain as well as local nerve blocks, similar to Novocain, to address any pain. We will also send medications home to keep them comfortable and support a speedy recovery.  


Why the Chicago Cat Clinic?

At the Chicago Cat Clinic, our entire staff has dedicated their professional veterinary careers to caring exclusively for cats. This depth of experience and dedication ensures a higher quality of surgical care than what may be available through other general animal care hospitals. As a feline-only hospital, we provide a calm, stress-free environment for Dental Surgical Procedures. Cats also benefit from our quiet recovery center that is free from barking, growling or other sounds that could intimidate our feline patients. This helps reduce the stress and anxiety associated with surgery.

Dental surgeries are routine surgical procedures that help cats live longer, healthier lives. As Chicago’s first, feline-only animal practice, our veterinary team is proud to continue a long tradition of excellence in feline care. This starts with the close relationships that we form with our feline patients and their caretakers. Our veterinarians are always happy to answer any questions that you may have about Dental surgery, including what to expect before and after the procedure. To learn more and schedule an appointment, please contact us at 773-631-5300.

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