Feline Microchipping

My Cat Never Goes Outside.  Should I Microchip?  Yes!

Yes!  Even if you’re diligent about keeping your cat safely tucked inside, repairmen, children or visiting guests may not be as careful.

Yes! Natural disasters could play a part in your cat’s escape.  Consider:  Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, severe thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires and the list goes on… One needs to be prepared.

Yes!  Many indoor cats don’t wear collars with identification tags.

Yes!  A collar with up-to-date ID tags is important, of course.  But, collars fall off and tags become indecipherable over time.  While an ID tag is a critical first line of defense when your cat is lost, a microchip can’t get lost, fall off, or become unreadable.

Yes!  A Microchip is Permanent Identification.

My Cat is “Chipped”…what happens now?

The Chicago Cat Clinic’s staff will register your microchip and the first year of membership for you. 

Once registered, microchips remain in the HomeAgain database permanently and may be updated online at no charge anytime by logging into HomeAgain.com, regardless of annual membership status.

Cat owners may update their contact information at any time online by logging into HomeAgain.com or by phone at no charge; in addition, they will be prompted to do so throughout the year and when their annual membership comes up for renewal.

What are the “Perks” of renewing my HomeAgain Membership? 

If a non-member’s cat is lost, they are not eligible for the value-added benefits included with the annual HomeAgain membership, such as proactive outreach to local PetRescuer volunteers, medical insurance for lost cats, travel assistance for found cats, the 24/7 medical hotline, etc.

Can other brands of microchips be registered in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database?

Yes, owners of cats implanted with any brand of microchip can register their cat’s microchip ID with HomeAgain, become members and receive all the same benefits as HomeAgain members with HomeAgain microchips.

To learn more about Microchipping your beloved feline, call us at 773-631-5300.

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