How long have you worked at the Chicago Cat Clinic?

Since August 2015


What made you want to work with Cats?

Cats are amazing. They are the best friends I have ever had. They understand everything, they don’t judge you and they never tell your secrets.


What do you love most about working at a Cat Only clinic?

Our Clients deeply love their Cats. They are kindred spirits.


What is the one thing you have learned about Cats that surprises you?

The variety of meows they have developed so they may communicate with their humans.


Do you have pets at home?

Oh, yes. 6 cats (Gino, Olive, Lucille, Percie, Abby and Bella); 2 dogs (Foster and Lily); 4 ferrets (E.A. Poe, Luna, Leela and Bambi); 1 iguana (Ivy).


What do you like to do for fun?

Singing, Reading, Travelling, planning our Halloween decorations (we start planning in July and start putting up decorations Labor Day weekend).